Decades of experience in the sector, care of the customer’s requirements and needs, technical solutions developed together with the main manufacturers of cranes and machine tools, and the use of the best materials. All these factors combine to be the solid pillar on which Minelli’s products are based.

A wide range of tools especially designed to limit the weight and volume of the tool but without overlooking its collection capacity and endurance when facing the heaviest works, while keeping all the quality characteristics of MINELLI products intact.  

The wide standard range of Minelli products, consisting of 1000 different items, is further enriched by the possibility to make special tools.
Our standard tools have countless variations for customization. However, if you are still not satisfied, let us know your requirement so that we can assess the possibility to create YOUR TOOL.

All Minelli products are CE marked and certified.

Polygrab with magnet

Polygrab for moving scrap, waste and loose materials

Polygrab for moving scrap, waste and loose materials

Equipment for the selection, demolition and handling of various materials

Two-segment buckets

Pincers for tree trunks and different materials

Splitting grabs

Engine removal grabs. Grabs for recycling and handling waste in general

Pincers to move rails, poles and different materials


Fix shears

Hydraulic rotation ROT type

Hydraulic and mechanical rotation

Rail braker