State-of-the-art hydraulic rotators featuring 360° rotation in both directions, lateral oscillation and vertical movement. the basic model includes upper and lower connection flanges that can be adapted to any type of coupling. Available also with lower quick coupling and upper coupling seating to specification. The ROT rotators developed by Minelli Srl represent a unique, innovative solution in the field of hydraulic rotators. Thanks to the innovative Minelli project, the ROT series guarantee unique technical characteristics with working pressure values of up to 300 bar and oil capacity levels of up to 90 litres/min., preserving the proportionality of the controls without using electronics, thus enabling great flexibility in the use of the grip accessory. Possibility of increasing the equipment couplings to 2. Minelli products are CE marked and certified.

- Easy operation and maintenance.
- Easy greasing.
- Working pressure values of up to 300 bar – OIL CAPACITY: 90 L/MIN.
- Proportional controls.
- Flexible pipes are characterized by a reduced diameter and highly flexible. They have been manufactured with anti-abrasion material and feature external metal protection.
- Electrical connection cable upon request.
- Available in 2 versions, also with quick coupling.
- Tool - machine coupling seating, with possibility of coupling for vertical movement and quick coupling.
- The wide standard range of Minelli products includes around 1000 different items and is further enriched by the possibility of creating special pieces of equipment.


Data and weight are indicative: the company reserve the right to make any improvements and changes required for good operation, without giving advance notice.

  MAX - BAR. KG t V MAX - TON.
ROT 2 300 390 8 12-24 13-22
ROT 2D 300 500 8 12-24 13-22

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