The production is entirely done at our headquarters, a special feature that, combined with the use of CNC machines, allows direct control of all steps of processing, with benefits for quality and flexibility of production.

- Piston pumps allow working pressures significantly higher than geared pumps and are much less noisy
- The electric motor and the pump are external to the tank. In this way the available volume of oil increases with reduced heating of the oil, this being largely generated by the pump. It also greatly reduces the risk of sucking dirt from the tank or letting it fall inside during maintenance. The maintenance phases are considerably easier and simpler.
- High speed: the ability to work at higher pressures has made it possible to resize the cylinder, resulting in an advantage in cycle times for opening and closing and therefore for productivity. The machine is also equipped with a regenerative system with exclusion which helps to increase the amount of oil available in closing.


Data and weight are indicative: the company reserve the right to make any improvements and changes required for good operation, without giving advance notice.



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